Wow! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders because of the healing extraction you did. I have carried other's pain for so long I thought it was mine. Even the physical pain has left. Thank you, Lyn
Angie L. - Portland, OR

Lyn, after our work together I finally feel like I am me again. I can hear my inner voice and I am no longer afraid. The Soul Retrieval was the most powerful thing I've ever experienced. Thank you!
Ione J. - Dallas, TX

Of all the healers I've worked with over the years (quite a few), each one has given me something substantial, but I believe you have helped me the most. And just watching how you do your work in the world and the sacredness and integrity with which you approach it yet the lightness you bring to it is inspiring. Thank you, Lyn.
Gail W. - Dallas, TX

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most beautiful baby blessing for our little girl. Blessing her with the elements, including her grandmothers in the ceremony, and welcoming our child into this world was the most touching thing we've ever experienced. Thank you so much, Lyn.
Mike G. - Portland, OR

Lyn, we wish to thank you for the end of life care you gave my sister. She was ready to go. It made her transition so much easier for her and for us. And the memorial you conducted after she passed, was a joyful celebration of her life.
Mark L - Dallas, TX