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Lyn Birmingham 
Shamanic Way Sharer. Founder of Spirit Moon Dallas, TX and Hillsboro, OR

Today we are faced with the growing pain of disconnection to ourselves and to our Mother Earth. We have found ourselves without those sacred bridges known by our ancestors and wisdom keepers. The Spirit Moon Shamanic Study Community offers these ancient tools for the re-membering of yourself and the re-connecting to that Divine web of life. I was called to this path as a child. Encouraged and partly trained by my father and with the help of my ancestors the way was clear and the teachers appeared. It has been my profound honor to share the wisdom of these mentors.

I have been a Way Sharer for over 35 years. 

My practice includes Soul Retrieval, Healing Extraction, Death and Dying. I offer retreats for personal growth and healing and mentor on a one on one basis.

My training includes an 8 year apprenticeship with my Cherokee medicine teacher, 3 year shamanic intensive with Dana Taminga of the Harner Institute, Kristin Madden, author and Celtic Shaman, and Bhola Banstola, 27th generation shaman from Nepal.

Contact me at spiritmoon@spiritmoon.net and see my blog at CROW MUSINGS